B&B Oak Lump Charcoal

B&B Oak Lump Charcoal


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A little goes a long way. Better burning. Burns hotter, longer, cleaner. 100% natural. Environmentally friendly. No chemical additives. Since 1961. Through our unique process, our pure Lump Charcoal is naturally made exclusively from Hardwood Oak Wood. No chemical additives or fillers are
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Lighting: Position BBQ grill on flat surface, open air vents. Place B&B Lump Charcoal in a pyramid shape in center of grill grate. Add charcoal lighter fluid according to lighter fluid instructions. Ignite charcoal in several places, leave grill uncovered while charcoal begins to burn. As flames die down and charcoal pieces are ashed-over (grayish-color) by daytime or (redish-glow) by night. Spread your hot lump charcoal to an even layer and you are ready to begin grilling!! Product Advantages: No other charcoal burns hotter, longer & cleaner than B&B lump charcoal. Because it burns hotter and longer, it sears meat quicker locking in the natural flavor with the added bonus of saving you both time and money. This product is 100% natural, no chemical additives or fillers, just 100% pure hardwood lump charcoal. Making any food more flavorful and palatable. B&B Natural Lump Charcoal has been the healthier, wiser choice for the outdoor BBQ'r since 1961.

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