Adams Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo, Bottle

Adams Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo, Bottle


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Adams Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo


Piperonyl Butoxide, Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins (0.075%), Butyl Carbityl (6-Propypiperonyl), Ether and Related Compounds (0.750%), Pyriproxyfen (0.086%), Other Ingredients: (99.089%), Total: (100.000)


Read entire label before each use. Use only on dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Wet the animal thoroughly with warm water. Apply 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 milliliters) of Adam Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo to various parts of the hair coat. Rub to produce abundant lather. Add more water if necessary to increase lathering. To kill fleas, ticks and lice, let lather remain in hair coat for five minutes. Work lather into outer ear if ticks are present. Rinse hair coat with clean water. Repeat every 7 to 14 days.

Always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information