What is Burpy?
Burpy is a same day grocery delivery service for anything and everything that you use in your home and that fits in a grocery bag. We do the shopping for you and deliver your goods and groceries to your doorstep within three hours.
Where does Burpy deliver?
Burpy offers services in Austin and Houston, San Antonio, Dallas. We are currently creating the infrastructure to expand our services to other cities in Texas and across the US.
What are Burpy's hours of delivery?
Burpy is open from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. every day.
How much does delivery cost?
We have two hour slots open all day from 8 AM-10 PM. Deliveries are FREE for orders over $50! There is a delivery fee of $9.99 for orders under $50.
Is there a fee to shop in more than one store?
There is a fee of $6.99 for any additional store you shop at. Shopping at one store is completely FREE!
What can I buy from Burpy?
At Burpy, you can buy almost anything that you can use in your home and that fits in a grocery bag! We offer beverages, health and beauty products, groceries, snacks, candies, and even household essentials. We source our products directly from HEB, Kroger, Whole Foods, Central Market, Target, Trader Joe's, Sam's Club, and Costco, so our products are fresh! Our inventory is expanding on a daily basis. If anything else is needed, you can put in a special requestiont through our website.
Who will be delivering the goods?
Burpy has trained individuals that are ready to deliver your products. These individuals will bring the groceries to your door. Once you place an order, we will match your with a Personal Shopper. You will receive an email as to who your Personal Shopper is.
How can I see where my order is?
If you opt to receive SMS updates, our Personal Shopper will text you the updates with the order.
What is the deadline to place an order so I can receive same day delivery?
The deadline is 6 PM on the day if you want same day delivery.
Where do I contact Burpy?
Burpy has multiple sources of contact. You can contact us via chat, email, or phone. You can call us at (866) 925-1338. You can email us at sales@burpy.com
Does Burpy deliver to businesses?
Yes we do! Please email sales@burpy.com for further information on how we can become your vendor!
Is there a mobile app I can download?
We are working on creating iOS and Android apps for convenient ordering options!
What types of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards.
How will I know if an item is out of stock or unavailable at the moment?
If you see the product on our site, it's in stock. If in a rare case the item is not available, you can select a replacement product on the checkout page.
What is your privacy policy?
Burpy will not share your personal info with anyone. See our privacy section for more details.
How do I obtain a coupon?
Login to your account and look under the "Refer a Friend" tab on your shopping list.
Is there any way I can contact the shopper for special instructions?
Yes. On the checkout page, there is a place where you can put special delivery instructions.
Can I trust Burpy to choose fresh foods, meats and produce?
Yes. Our Burpy agents are trained to pick high quality goods. Also, our agents have the proper equipment to keep your goods fresh during the delivery process.
Can I purchase alcohol or tobacco?
No, we currently do not sell alcohol or tobacco.
Is there a way to choose a specific delivery time to have an order delivered?
Yes. After the delivery is placed, call us immediately to change the delivery time.
Is there a way I can get periodically needed products automatically?
Not yet. Our team is currently working on this functionality. When we implement this, we will inform you.
Do I need to be home for a delivery to be made?
Yes. Someone must be able to answer the door and accept the delivery. It can be any household member. 
Can I tip my delivery person?
Yes, we accept tips for our agents' services. However, you are not obligated to tip our agents. When the delivery is complete, you will receive an email with a link where you can tip your shopper with credit card.
Do you accept returns?
Yes. If you are not satisfied with the product because of a defect, please notify us within 24 hours, and we will have our agents pick up the product.