What is Burpy?
Burpy is your very own grocery delivery service! The Burpy team provides you the tools you need to shop from your computer, tablet or phone. Choose your supermarket and select your groceries with just a few clicks, and a Burpy Personal Shopper in your area will shop and deliver to your doorstep.
Where does Burpy deliver?
Burpy was founded in Austin, Texas and in just a span of over a year, we have expanded to four of the major cities in Texas! Currently Burpy Shoppers are delivering to our happy customers all over Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. We are growing quickly, so find out if Burpy delivers in your area. Burpy's Delivery Areas
What are your working hours?
We deliver from 8am to 11pm every day, depending on local store hours and holidays. On holidays, our hours of operations are subjected to store holiday hours.
What is the cost of delivery?
Burpy orders below $50 are charged a $4.99 delivery fee. But, if an order is greater than $50 delivery is absolutely FREE. There is no minimum order value for placing an order on Burpy.
Is there a fee to shop in more than one store?
Yes, if you want the best of both worlds, we would love to make it happen for you. Unlimited shopping at an extra store comes at a nominal $6.99 fee, per store. Single store shopping is always included with each order. Please refer above.
What can I buy from Burpy?
Basically everything you would buy during your grocery shopping! If it fits into a grocery bag, Burpy shops and delivers it to you! Be it beverages, health and beauty products, deli products, farm produce, snacks, candies or even household essentials. We shop directly from local chains like HEB, Kroger, Central Market, Whole Foods, Costco, Walmart so you can be assured that the products you order are always fresh! The Burpy team is constantly working on increasing our inventory and product range on a daily basis, and if you have anything in mind that you cannot find on the site, you can just put in a special request and we'll work on getting it to you instantly!
Who will be delivering the goods?
The Burpy team of Personal Shoppers are trained and tested to shop for your grocery needs. They will be bringing your groceries to your doorstep or workplace. Upon placing an order with Burpy, we find you a Personal Shopper best suited to you. Once a shopper is assigned to your order you will receive an email from us telling you who your personal shopper is and how to reach them.
How can I see where my order is?
If you opt to receive SMS updates, our Personal Shopper will text you the updates with the order.
Where do I contact Burpy?
The Burpy team has put in a lot of work to make sure that you can reach us however is most convenient to you. Our multiple channels of contact include chat, email or phone. Call us anytime from 7am to 11pm at (866) 925-1338. Or you can email us at sales@burpy.com
Does Burpy deliver to businesses?
Yes, we sure do! Just send an email to sales@burpy.com for more information on how we can become your vendor! We already work with several corporate clients and would love to serve you!
Is there a mobile app I can download?
The Burpy team is currently working around the clock to developing an iOS and Android app to make it even easier for you to place your order with us. Check back shortly! Our website is mobile friendly so feel free to place an order via your phone or tablet.
What types of payments do you accept?
Currently, Burpy accepts all major US credit and debit cards. We apologize for the inconvenience as we do not accept store gift cards, EBT cards, international payments and any other form of payment that is not mentioned.
How will I know if an item is out of stock or unavailable at the moment?
Every product that you see on the Burpy website is in stock. In the very rare event that an item is unavailable at the store your shopper will reach out to you or select a suitable replacement depending on your replacement option you have selected.
What is your privacy policy?
Burpy.com has a very strict privacy policy and our team is committed to it. We guarantee that the information you provide to us will not be shared with anyone. For further details, refer to the privacy policy section of our website
How do I obtain a coupon?
Obtaining a coupon from Burpy.com is very simple! Just log in to your account and look under the "Refer a Friend" tab on your Shopping List. Refer your friend/relative/colleague and earn credit when they shop with us!
Is there any way I can contact the shopper for special instructions?
You can leave special instructions for your personal shopper when you're placing your order. These instructions only apply to order you add them on. You can also contact your shopper by finding the shopper information under your order in order history. If you need to change the special instructions, you can always contact us and we will be happy to do this for you.
Can I trust Burpy to choose fresh foods, meats and produce?
Absolutely! The Burpy shoppers are specifically trained to hand pick and choose only the best quality products. Besides that, our Personal Shoppers have specialized equipment that keeps your goods fresh during the entire delivery process.
Can I purchase alcohol or tobacco?
Burpy currently does not sell or deliver alcohol or tobacco products.
Is there a way I can get periodically needed products automatically?
The Burpy team is working to bring this functionality to you. You can reorder a previous order with a click of a button. To do this go to your order history to reorder a previous order. Sign up on our site and we will inform you when new features are implemented.
Do I need to be home for a delivery to be made?
We are more than happy to leave your order with a family member, doorman or front desk if you have shared this with your shopper. We are also happy to follow instructions to leave on a front/back porch or another location, but we will not be responsible for your order if you requested to do so.
Can I tip my delivery person?
Yes you can! Burpy accepts tips for its Personal Shopper team and passes the tip amount to them. There are two ways to change the tip for your Burpy Shopper, If you choose to tip for good service.
      1. After delivery via email. Check the email that you will receive from us after your delivery. Simply click on the link provided there and pay your tip with your credit card.
      2. Cash upon delivery. You can also pay your shopper the tip in cash when your order is being delivered.
Do you accept returns?
Burpy does not currently provide an item return policy for accidental or unintended purchases. If you are not satisfied with the product because of any defect, please notify us with the specifics within 24 hours of delivery. For any other similar queries, feel free to reach our customer service team over phone or email. We'll be glad to assist you.
I want to leave feedback for my experience. How do I do it?
You can leave feedback for your shopper under your order history.
I want to return items that I have accidentally purchased. How do I go about it?
Burpy does not currently provide an item return policy for accidental or unintended purchases. You would need to coordinate directly with your store in such scenarios. However, we do keep copies of your store receipts for future reference. For any other queries, our Customer Service Team is always happy to help you out! If an items is missing or incorrectly delivered, please reach out to the Customer Service Team by emailing us
What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel your order with Burpy at any time before we your Personal Shopper starts shopping for you. This usually ranges between up to 1-3 hours before your scheduled time of delivery. Just call us or email us immediately and we'll be glad to help! If you must cancel your order during the shopping or delivery process, your order total will be returned to your Burpy account as a credit for use with your next order or a refund will be issued. If you are not reachable at the time of delivery, we may cancel your order on your behalf and charge a $20 fee.
My Burpy shopping cart shows a different amount than the final amount. Why?
Once your order is delivered, we adjust the final charge of your order based on four types of changes that could have occurred to your order: Special request, Added items, Replacement items, and out of stock items.
  • Special Request: If you order any special request items in your order, you will be charged for their cost since we do not know the cost until your shopper adds the item to your order.
  • Added items: If any items are added to your order after it has been placed, you will be charged after the order has been delivered. You can add items to your order by contacting us. We will be happy to add these items to your order. You can also add items to your order by contacting your shopper.
  • Replacement items: If any item is replaced, your shopper will reach out to you or select a suitable replacement item. Depending on the cost of the replacement items via Burpy.com, you are refunded or charged after the order is delivered.
  • Out of stock items: If an item is out of stock you are refunded for those items after the order has been delivered.
Out of stock items: If an item is out of stock you are refunded for those items after the order has been delivered.
What if I find an item that is priced incorrectly or unfairly?
Please get in touch with us over email or phone, if you find the price of any item on the Burpy site to be unfair or incorrect and we will make necessary changes.
When will I receive my refund?
Refunds normally take 3-5 business days to process depending on your bank. If you do not see a refund within that time frame please contact your bank directly.
What is shopper, bag, & trust fee?

Shopper fee is the amount paid 100% to the shopper to drive to the store and pick the quality items.

Trust is our top priorities and is at the core of everything we do. The Trust fee supports our standards, including upfront driving record checks and background checks.

Bag fee is the fee paid at the grocery store for bags. Many grocers due to city ordinance do not supply complimentary bags anymore. Bag fee may be applied once order is complete.