Xlear Kids Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol

Xlear Kids Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol


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All-natural saline. Breathe easy. Cleans, soothes and protects. Fast Relief. Infant safe. Made with xylitol. America's best selling natural nasal spray. Doctors & healthcare professionals worldwide recommend Xlear Sinus & Nasal Spray to their patients. Why Xlear with xylitol? Modern
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Purified Water, Xylitol, Saline, Grapefruit Seed Extract (as a Preservative).


Clear the nasal passageway by gently blowing the nose of use a bulb syringe to remove mucus build-up prior to using Xlear. For older children: Insert nozzle into nostril and squeeze bottle to release spray. Remove nozzle before allowing bottle to re-inflate. Spray 1-2 times in each nostril. For younger children and infants: Lie child on his or her back. Tilt bottle upside down and allow drops to flow into the nostrils. Use preventively as often as needed to cleanse nasal passages and sinuses. For best results, use at least twice daily. Wipe nozzle clean after each use and replace cap.

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