Tazo Tea Earl Grey

Tazo Tea Earl Grey

Tazo Tea

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Black tea kissed with bergamot's lavender essence.\nA ship packed with crates of fragrant black teas heeled through inky waters toward the clearing of the bergamot sun, in search of the Isle of Lavender--to forever soften this headstrong blend with floral notes.\nSteep and begin a journey that
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Black Teas Blended with the Essence of Bergamot.


For best brewing: Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil (212F degrees). Pour (8 fl. oz.) water over the filterbag in your cup. Let it steep (5 min.). Wait patiently for perfection. Values are based on 8 fl. oz. serving and reflect our standard brewing methods. A standard 8 fl. oz. drip coffee contains 150 mg of caffeine. Visit tazo.com for more information.

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