Slap Ya Mama Seasoned Cajun Fish Fry

Slap Ya Mama Seasoned Cajun Fish Fry

Slap Ya Mama

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Great on all seafood! Every June, the Walkers get together for a family reunion and a Cajun fish fry. So it was only natural that we create Slap Ya Mama Cajun Fish Fry for the event. Using our special blend of spices, we've produced a Cajun fish fry that is
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Salt, Garlic, Corn Flour, Black Pepper, Paprika, Flour, Corn Meal, Oleoresin Paprika, Red Pepper, Soluble Crab Spice


Refrigerate after opening. Cajun Fish Frying: 1. Rinse fish in cold water and shake off excess water. 2. Pour desired amount of Fish Fry into a pan. 3. Roll each piece of fish in the Fish Fry until coated well. 4. Shake off excess Fish Fry and drop 1-3 fillets into oil that has been preheated to 350 degrees F. If frying in a pan be sure to flip fish to fry both sides. Fry until golden brown. Place fish on an absorbent paper and serve hot. Note: These same directions may also be used for frying shrimp, oysters, vegetables, french fries and onion rings.

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