Radius 6-18 Months Ultra Soft Toothbrush

Radius 6-18 Months Ultra Soft Toothbrush


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BPA free. Dye free. Premium Radius bristles. BPA-free & dye-free. Tapered handle for total control. Radius smooth oval head. Cushioned brushing. Cruelty free. New sustainable packaging reduces plastic content by 30% & increases renewable resource content to 65%. Recycle card and plastic
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Brushing Baby's Teeth: As baby starts teething (6 mos. +) place smear of toothpaste (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) on Radius Pure Baby Toothbrush. Brush gently on both the outside and inside surfaces twice daily. Brush tongue once to dislodge bacteria. Replace toothbrush when bristles look worn. At 18 months and older, switch to Radius Totz. Quick Tips for the Pure Baby: Visit a dentist with first tooth; avoid juice in bottles for less cavities; floss as soon as two teeth are side by side.

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