Parmalat 2% Reduced Fat Milk Vitamin A&D

Parmalat 2% Reduced Fat Milk Vitamin A&D


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38% Less fat than whole milk. Vitamin A & D. Grade A UHT. What is UHT Milk? UHT shelf-stable milk is 100% real cow's milk that is Ultra Pasteurized and packaged in the Tetra Pak container designed to keep the milk pure and safe. The Tetra Pak container protects the
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Grade A UHT Reduced Fat Milk, Vitamin A Palmitate and Vitamin D3.


Shake Well. Best Served Chilled. Tips For On-The-Go Lifestyles: Parents: This product is a convenient, nutritious treat for kids during car trips and airplane flights. Storm watch: Stock up on our milk products for those unexpected storms that keep you indoors. This is especially useful for the elderly. Travel tip: take it with you in the car when you're traveling to a vacation destination. There is no need for refrigeration in transit; just chill when you arrive and enjoy. Run out of milk lately? Keep UHT shelf-stable milk on hand when you don't get to the store often. Store real milk for six months or longer without refrigeration. You'll never reach in the refrigerator for a container of milk past its freshness date again! Refrigerate after opening. Use contents within 7 days of opening.

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