Morton Ice Cream Salt

Morton Ice Cream Salt


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Rock salt for ice cream & cooling. Morton Ice Cream Salt can be mixed with ice for freezing delicious homemade desserts to rival any ice cream shop. Box made from 65% post-consumer fiber.




For Freezing Ice Cream. Follow manufacturer's instructions for assembling ice cream maker. Distribute several inches of crushed ice around the canister in the bucket. Cover with a layer of salt, using 1 part Morton® Ice Cream Salt to 8 parts crushed ice for ice cream, or 1 part Morton® Ice Cream Salt to 4 parts crushed ice for sherbet. Continue to layer ice and salt until canister is completely covered. Begin turning the crank slowly, then faster as the mixture begins to freeze. The ice cream is frozen when the crank becomes difficult to turn. For electric ice cream makers, follow the manufacturer's instructions. To harden the ice cream, remove the dasher and seal the canister. Drain off ice and salt mixture. Repack freezer bucket and canister with additional ice and salt using 1 part Morton® Ice Cream Salt to 3 parts crushed ice. For Melting Ice & Snow. Sprinkle Morton® Ice Cream Salt on steps, sidewalks and driveways for fast melting. Notice: The use of salt for melting ice and snow may induce or accelerate damage to certain concrete surfaces. To help minimize surface damage, use only enough salt to melt the snow or loosen the ice, then promptly remove the slush formed. For Fast Cooling. Sprinkle Morton® Ice Cream Salt liberally over ice in which beverages (cans or bottles) or watermelon have been placed. This will result in more rapid cooling at lower temperatures than is possible with ice alone.

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