Lemi Shine Original Powder Dish Detergent Booster Refill Pack

Lemi Shine Original Powder Dish Detergent Booster Refill Pack

Lemi Shine

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We've all been there….asking ourselves if the dishes in the dishwasher are really clean…mainly because they're covered in dingy spots and film from hard water mineral deposits. So when we heard about Lemi Shine, we had to give it a try. After one load, the answer was crystal clear. This
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Natural Citric Extracts and Citrus Oils


Before using, check manufacturer's suggested cleaning instructions and ensure all items are dishwasher safe. Not recommended for silver, painted glassware, painted mugs, aluminum, fine china or any enamel coated cutlery or cookware. Do not use with non stick coated cookware or removable stovetop components. Clean Your Dishwasher First: Run your dishwasher empty on the first use. Why? It is essential to first clean the machine that will clean your dishes. Lemi Shine Booster will remove hard water buildup from the internal components of your dishwasher. To clean, unload dishwasher and fill main wash receptacle of dishwasher with Lemi Shine Booster then start dishwasher as normal. Using with Every Load: Use Lemi Shine Booster to remove spots & film from your dishes & glassware. 1. Load dishes & glassware. 2. Fill main wash receptacle with Lemi Shine Booster. 3. Fill pre-wash receptacle with your favorite detergent (For best results, powder/pod detergents are recommended) (If only one receptacle is present place detergent in bottom of dishwasher). 4. Start dishwasher as normal.

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