Eda-Zen Super-Premium Edamame - 2 CT

Eda-Zen Super-Premium Edamame - 2 CT


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Eda-ZenĀ® Super-Premium Edamame. All natural. 12g Protein per serving. Certified Gluten-free. Hearth healthy - FDA has determined that diets low in fat and cholesterol that include 25g of soy protein per day may reduce the risk of heart disease. Sea salt packets included. BPA free bags. 2 - 8oz
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Edamame (Young Soybeans); Sea Salt Packets: Sea Salt.


Keep frozen. Heat with microwave or stovetop. The proper way to eat Edamame: Hold Edamame pod with fingers and gently squeeze the middle of the pod. The beans will pop into your mouth. Heating instructions: The edamame in this package has been fully cooked before freezing. Please follow the suggested heating times to avoid overcooking. Do not thaw edamame before heating. Children should be supervised when eating edamame. Microwave: Remove an 8oz steam heating bag from the box. Do not puncture holes in the bag. Heat on high for approximately 2-1/2 minutes, or until the desired serving temperature is reached. If desired, sprinkle sea salt from the packets onto edamame and enjoy! Note: Heating time may vary depending on the microwave. Stovetop: Bring 1 cup of water to boil in a medium-sized pot. Remove edamame from bag and place edamame into boiling water. Cover pot and heat edamame for 2-3 minutes. Move pot to a sink and cool edamame with cold running water. Drain water and transfer to a serving bowl. If desired, sprinkle sea salt onto edamame and enjoy! Note: When heating, cover pot to create a steam effect.

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