5 fun facts about Taco!



If you are a taco lover like us you will enjoy reading these facts-

  • The word “taco” literally translates to “plug” or “wad” a small hole, it also translates to “light lunch” in Mexican Spanish
  • The word “taco” originated in the 18th century at silver mines in Mexico. Back then, a taco was simply a paper wrapped around gunpowder. Fortunately, we all relish a much delicious version if taco now.
  • Although taco made its way to the US only in early 20th century. Americans officially love taco and ate over 4.5 billion tacos last year! That’s 490,000 miles of tacos.
  • The hard shell taco was invented in 1947 because corn tortillas didn’t stay fresh for long.
  • The first taco party in history was held in 1520 by Hernan Cortes.

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8 foods no one does better than Texas


Texans love food and we believe there are some that no one does better than us.


  • Pecan Pie:   Pecan Tree is the official state tree of Texas since 1919. Pecan nut and Pecan pie are the official health nut and official state pie of Texas respectively. So, unsurprisingly the pecan pie is a cut above the rest.
  • Tacos:  Everyday is a Taco day in Texas. Pick any restaurant and you will most likely find a matchless version of Tacos on the menu. They can be loaded or skimpy, but are always delicious.
  • Ice Cream: Of course you can find an ice cream in any corner of the world but Texas is home to the yummylicious Blue Bell ice cream (Brenham, TX).  The cream used is never older than 24 hours, this means freshness is assured.
  • Sweet Tea: Hot summer picnics = Sweet tea in a mason jar. The much popular sweet tea recipe originated from a community cookbook in Texas. Sip, sip,  sip……
  • Chips and Queso :  Tex-Mex restaurants,  mostly serve it as an appetizer and we think this is one of the best ways to start your meal.
  • Frozen Margarita:  They shook up the Tex-Mex history when they were discovered about 45 years ago in Dallas at Mariano’s Mexican Cuisine restaurant.  They are perfect for a warm summer evening.
  • Texas Caviar:  Often devoured as a dip accompaniment to tortilla chips Texas Caviar is a Texan version of the high-class dish. The name originated as a humorous comparison to the original caviar, an expensive hors d’oeuvre of salt-cured fish roe.
  • Chicken Fried Steak:  This delicious dish only comes in two sizes, large and Texas-sized, we are not complaining  :-)

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Tex-Mex: Is it Mexican or Texan?

chicken and beef fajitas with onions and rice

Photo via wikipedia.org

Tex-Mex is one of the more well known regional cuisines in the United States, yet it has some critics.  It is sometimes blamed for the creation of fast food Mexican joints such as Taco Bell or Taco Bueno.  Defining Tex-Mex is  complicated.  Is Tex-Mex a cuisine all it’s own or is it a regional Mexican cuisine found in the southern United States?
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