Cleaning Supply Checklist for your Home

COVID-19 has changed the way world functions forever. Think about it – if someone told you in January 2020 you will spend two hours sanitizing products and produce after every grocery run, you would have called then crazy. However, cleaning and sanitization have now become an essential part of our everyday life. We thought we would share the list of some of our ‘must-have’ cleaning and sanitizing products that should be on your shelf.

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  • Disinfectants: It was challenging to get your hands on these things for most of the year for a good reason. Germs are everywhere – your hands, surfaces, food, products. There are several disinfectants to combat potential germs. You must ideally have – liquid disinfectant, wipes, and a personal sanitizing solution.
  • Disposable Gloves: Overexposure to any cleaning or disinfecting chemical can irritate the human skin. Gloves are a must-have for you while working or cleaning any surface. We suggest stocking at least a couple.
  • Bleach: This product is a winner. You can use this in multiple ways with water to clean and sanitize your clothes, vegetable, restrooms, floors, and much more. Make sure this product is part of your cleaning supplies.
  • Bathroom Cleaners and Fresheners – Restrooms are the breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Depending on the size of your home/facility, bathroom cleaners and fresheners should be used by you every day. You can invest in green cleaning products since you will use them every day in restrooms.
  • Glass Cleaners: Windows and Door Glasses are often the most ignored in a home. Exterior windows can end up accumulating a lot of dust or debris from landscaping or everyday wear and tear. Glass cleaning formula is specially formulated to keep windows free of streaks and add luster that other kinds of cleaners cannot provide. Hence, choose one that most meets your needs.

Think we our list is incomplete? Let us know by commenting below.

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