5 Tips for Holiday Cooking with Kids

It’s no secret we all end up spending a lot of time baking or cooking during year-end holidays. If you have kids at home, spending time together in the kitchen could be a great family bonding time while ensuring that the kids are involved in the holiday festivities. The most important question to ask yourself is if the kids are going to increase your kitchen load or are you down for establishing some family traditions. We all know keeping a perfectly clean kitchen counter is out of the question if kids are involved. In this blog, we share some pre-holiday baking tips that will help keep things simple of your little ones are joining you in the kitchen this holiday season:


  • Have a plan: One can never underestimate the significance of planning in cooking. More so, if you have a bunch of 6 years involved in the process. Start by selecting an appropriate recipe – one that’s simple yet allows the kids to be part of the cooking process. Make sure you keep all the required ingredients and equipment’s ready to avoid chaos. Pre-plan the tasks they would assist you with if needed, appoint a sous chef.
  • Don’t get too worried about messiness: Moms typically spend a lot of time cleaning and making sure the house looks beautiful for holiday guests and visitors. However, when you decide to involve kids in a cooking ritual, remember messiness will be part of the deal. Try not to get too focused on keeping things tidy. It could discourage kids from being part of the process the next time.
  • Supervision will be the key to success: Remember, you are the leader of the kitchen, and oversight will be necessary to avoid any unpleasant incidents in the kitchen, primarily if sharp objects like knives are being used in the kitchen.
  • Ask the kids to touch everything: You can never start the kids too early on this life skill – cooking. Use this opportunity to teach your kids about utensils, different kinds of spoons and spatulas, vegetable, and more. Ask them to touch and feel the texture of things. That’s how kids will be more engaged in the process.
  • Appoint a decorating committee: If there is one thing, all kids love its – Holiday decoration, and the kitchen is no exception to this rule. Make sure you have an appointed cake and cookie and let them take the lead on the decorations.

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