5 Foods that are Healthier when Consumed Raw

There is more buzz today than there has ever been about getting ‘healthy’. With the advent of social media, we are constantly blitzed with information on nutritional choices in our social feeds. We all have a fair understanding of what is healthy for us and what’s not. Do you know it’s better to consume certain foods raw to exploit the nutritional value? In fact, it is scientifically proven that boiling, grilling, steaming reduces the nutritional composition of the food. Interested in understanding this better? Take a look through the list of foods that can be eaten raw for maximum nutrition:

Foods that are better when eaten raw

Foods that are better when eaten raw

  • Beets: They are high in fiber, Vitamin, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, and the B vitamin folate. In one word – they are nutritionally charged, making them an excellent source to boost the immune system, enhance stamina, fight inflammation and prevent cancer in the long run. Beets tend to lose more than 25% folate when cooked. Folate is a b vitamin that reduces the risk of birth defects during fetal development. Hence, we recommend including raw beets to your salads instead of steaming them for consumption.
  • Broccoli: Cruciferous produce should be your diet staple. Doctors can’t stop mentioning the benefits and rightly so. Broccoli is a wholesome cruciferous vegetable that should be on the top of your grocery list. Broccoli offers plentiful sulforaphane -a compound known to fight cancer cells, improve health and provide the benefits of anti-aging and enhance immunity. According to a study it was found eating broccoli raw allowed a better and higher absorption of sulforaphane when eaten raw in comparison to when eaten cooked.
  • Onions: Nobody is a fan of how onions smell, but let’s face it they are abundantly gifted when it comes to nutrition They contain allicin – a phytonutrient known to curb hunger, promote cardiovascular health and reduce high blood pressure. This very component also tears you up when you are chopping this vegetable Scientifically you will be able to derive more benefits of this vegetable if you eat the raw as opposed to eating them cooked. Onions are often liberally used in recipes, make sure you include them raw in some recipes to get the most out of them nutritionally.
  • Red Bell Peppers: Vitamin C is well known as a powerful anti-oxidant and Red bell peppers are a mighty source of that. They provide three times the vitamin C intake you need for the day and are also a fantastic source of vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and magnesium. Avoid roasting, frying and grilling bell peppers for a long duration a high temperature, this will cause the vitamin C properties to break down. Consume them raw to get their full nutritional benefit
  • Nuts: Nuts are the king of nutrition, they provide healthy fats and can be highly beneficial to balance your diet. The essential fats can be helpful to lower bad cholesterol, reduce the risk of developing blood clots and promote good artery health. Nowadays you can find plenty of roasted nut toppings in the grocery store. The process of enhancing the flavor with roasting does take away the nutrition. Raw nuts are higher in iron, magnesium and contain no GMO oils. Stick to raw nuts instead of processed in your salads.

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