5 Thanksgiving hacks to stay healthy

Yes, we are approaching that time of the year when every meal will be rich, flavorful and hearty. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What this also means is most likely you will ditch your year-long healthy diet in favor of turkey, pies, and wine. Don’t like the sound of that? If you are committed to maintaining a healthy diet, learn our hacks to stay on track during the festive season:


  • One big meal a day: Yes, we know holidays are all about indulgence. However, concentrate on having one big meal in the day instead of three. Go easy on the other two meals. If you can’t, we strongly suggest portion control. Do not load up your plates and watch what you are eating carefully.
  • Whisk up a veggie gravy:  Gravy is a Thanksgiving essential, but it doesn’t have to be loaded with a ton of fat. Whisk up a veggie gravy, that’s still as tasty but without a ton of fat. We bet your favorite veggies can make a perfectly flavorful gravy that can be draped over mashed potatoes minus the saturated fat Plus, you will be thankful for eating the vegetables.
  • Go Brown: The humble bread is part of every Thanksgiving feast, and so are all the calories that come with it. To cut down on all the calories from bread – go easy on the butter even better replace it with a healthy oil – coconut or olive and use whole grains.
  • Grill Easy: Oil thick marinades are the most significant source of unnecessary calories when grilling. Avoid using them generously instead use zesty lemon or orange if you care to be experimental.
  • “Cut the Mas”: Finally act on the old age suggestion of adding cauliflower to your potatoes. Doesn’t sound appetizing? You can’t be further than the truth. This small tip already has many fans, and you will be one too once you try it.  Cauliflower has far lesser starch than potatoes, and it retains the unbeatable richness of mashed potatoes with a lighter texture and more minerals.

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