Here’s why we recommend Organic Food

Organic food

If your goal is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, organic food will be your ally in this journey. Traditionally it is believed to be more expensive than commercially grown food, but consuming organic foods are a smart priority. Here’s why you must include more and more organic food in your diet every day. Read why -

  • Fewer Chemicals: One of the top benefits of eating organically grown food is escaping a lot of chemicals commercially grown food possesses. Although the chemical pesticides are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency they are still harmful to the body in the long run.
  • More Nutrients: The nutritional value of organic food is way higher than commercially grown food. They possess more nutrients – minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients.
  • Enjoy better flavors: Organic food tastes better and retains original taste owing to less exposure to chemicals. You must try it to believe us. :-)
  • Safe for Children:   Children are more susceptible to the harm done by chemicals than adults and thus Organic food is safer than commercially grown food for children.
  • Supports Wildlife: The commercially grown food not only harms human beings but also wildlife, in the long run, organic food supports wildlife.
  • Organic meat lessens your exposure to antibiotics and synthetic hormones that find their way into the animals and into you through them.

So, the next time you are out grocery shopping try and include more and more organic food in your diet and kitchen or allow Burpy to deliver at your doorstep.

Busy mom’s guide to simplifying grocery shopping

Online  Grocery Shopping
Every household spends significant time grocery shopping each week, especially mom’s who spend most of their weekend grocery shopping. Online grocery shopping has changed the way grocery shopping has been done forever.This means we can now simply order the groceries online and spend time doing things we love.  This is a lovely convenience but since we are looking at our kitchen essentials online, we are bound to miss out on nutritional aspects of the food.

Here is a simple guide that will help moms and everyone else understands what to look for while picking up groceries online:

  • Organics:  Organic food simply means that the food has had less exposure to chemicals and therefore is a healthier option to consume.  One can always turn to organic options for food that is consumed in larger quantities at home such as – milk, produce, eggs.
  • Unprocessed Food: Unprocessed food is always more expensive than the processed food but also a better option to replace refined, heavily processed foods from the diet.
  • Food Labels: It is important to always read the food labels of the items that will be stocked in your kitchen. We all are wired to pick up the first thing that comes in our hand without reading the labels. More so when we are shopping groceries online. Always make it a point that you are familiar with the ingredients that form an item.
  • Produce and Fruits:  Greens and fruits should be part of your kid’s meal every day and hence make sure they are part of your online grocery shopping cart.

Think we missed out on something?Don’t forget to mention it by commenting below.Have your own grocery to pickup? Order your groceries online without leaving your home using Burpy this weekend.

Your Tailgating Checklist

Tailgate Party

No matter which team you are supporting, one thing every football fan agrees on is tailgating. We all look forward to it and put long hours in planning a perfect pre-game ritual. Having a good time in the parking lot outside the stadium with great drinks, food and face paint can be a lot of fun. We are here to help you take the fun a notch higher and plan it to perfection with our tailgating checklist:

  • A good cooler: This is most essential part of your tailgating gear. Everything you need to stock goes in the cooler, so make sure you are investing in the one that’s right for you.
  • Sunscreen and something comfortable to sit on:  You will be spending significant amount outdoors, these two are going to be critical to your whole experience.
  • Music: Great music is critical to any good party and tailgating is no exception to this rule. Bring music that you and your friends will enjoy
  • Grill:  It is a crime to not have a grill at a tailgate party. Make sure you have one that can cater everyone who is part of your party.
  • Food and Drinks: This one is pretty standard bring beers, ribs,hamburgers, hotdogs, dips and sauces, wings and anything else you can think of.

Order your favorite tailgating food essentials from Burpy today.