Let’s get Grilling: Summer feast hacks decoded

Summers = beaches and backyard barbeques.
Grill BBQ
We are summer ready to enjoy great grilling times with family and friends. Follow our simple hacks to win applause for your master grilling skills-
  • If you want your sauce to glaze the chicken flawlessly and caramelize onto it, instead of basting it at the beginning, start the process only 15 minutes before the chicken is done. Follow it with a good toss for a grilled chicken that is juicy and tender.
  • Know what separates a master griller from an amateur? Perfect Burger Patties!! Run a blast of cold water on your hands and then work quickly to ensure you don’t bruise or heat the meat for your patties.
  • Apply any sauce with high sugar content during the very last minutes of grilling to avoid browning or blackening of meat.
  • Must have dry rubs : Black Pepper, Paprika, and Dry Mustard Powder.
Grilled Steak
Don’t forget it takes patience and a great deal of trial and error before you can claim to be a master griller. Be adventurous with your flavors, meats and methods while grilling, who know you might come up with a fantastic tip of your own to share the next season. We would love to know personal grilling hacks so, do comment below. Happy grilling!
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**Image credits: picjumbo.com